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Virginia's 2015
Communicator of the Year
Susan "Hope" Jones
Eastern Shore of Virginia
9-1-1 Communications

The Virginia Chapter of APCO is pleased to announce that Susan "Hope" Jones has been named the Virginia Association of Public Safety Communications Officials 2015 Telecommunicator of the Year. Hope, along with other award recipients listed below, was recognized and received her award on Thursday, May 5, 2016, in Virginia Beach during the 2016 Virginia NENA-APCO Spring Conference.
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Outstanding Indivclassual Performance in a Critical Incident (2015)
Outstanding Team Performance in a Critical Incident (2015)
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Megan Nixon
Salem Team
Hanover County Public Safety Emergency Communications
Virginia State Police, Division VI
Dispatch Supervisor Robert Jones, Senior Dispatcher Kenneth Hogan Dispatchers Jami Hicks, Jessica Bocock, Brittany Nelson, and Jeremy Wimmer
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Nicholas Stepaniak Communications Trainer of the Year (2015)
Line Supervisor of the Year (2015)
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Mary Bowman
Stacey Adams
Chesterfield County Emergency Communications
Hanover County Public Safety Emergency Communications
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Communications Center Director of the Year (2015)
Information Technologist Of The Year (2015)
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Jeff Flournoy
Steve McMurrer
Eastern Shore of Virginia 9-1-1 Communications
Fairfax County Public Safety Communications
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Other Nominees
We Proudly Recognize and Call to Your Attention the Outstanding Work of all the Telecommunications Professionals who were Nominated for the 2015 Telecommunicator Awards. Congratulations and Thanks for your Commitment and Dedication!
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Special Thanks to Awards Committee Chair Jada Lee and the Awards Selection Committee
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Nicki Tidey Presenting; Jada Lee Announcing Awards
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Photography by Krista Kilmon, Chapter Historian/Photographer
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