photo of Lee Jada Lee (Director-at-large) Jada began her career as a recruit March 1992, on the midnight shift. Jada states that she sought employment with the 9-1-1 Center because she always had the desire "to make a difference" in the work she did, and help those in need of assistance.
Jada worked diligently to master the fundamentals of each key function and position within the Center, and did so. Along the way, she sought and received many certifications that have helped her to "make a difference" within the public safety agencies we support and behind the scenes in the operations area.
Just a few of her accomplishments over the years are: Jada was promoted to Operations Supervisor in November 2002, and then to Senior Operations Supervisor in November 2008 and to Operations Manager in October 2014. She continually strives to meet and/or exceed all expectations of her duties and responsibilities. A key example of her drive is her attendance and completion of the Virginia Beach Police Department's West Point Leadership Program at the Law Enforcement Training Academy.
Jada consistently seeks out trainings and courses to help her improve her leadership/management skills and to help her division grow. Due to an organization change within Virginia Beach Emergency Communications and Citizen Services, Jada now oversees the operations division for both 3-1-1 and 9-1-1. This is a new role and responsibility that she is embracing to move 3-1-1 to the next level with technology and excellent customer service.