Terry Hall, is chief of emergency communications for York-Poquoson-Williamsburg Emergency Communications Center. Terry has worked diligently with APCO for over twenty years, getting to know and working with many Chapter members, whether it was on a piece of legislation, serving on a committee, or as an Executive Council member. Terry joined APCO as a commercial vendor for the first five years of his active twenty year membership. For the past fifteen plus years, he has served in the membership as a public safety professional. During this time, he has been honored to serve in the position of President of the Virginia Chapter twice, as Treasurer of the Virginia chapter, and as legislative chair for the past ten years. He served as the Chapterís delegate to the International Executive Council (2008-2009). He has served as an APCO International Board member for the past three years, highlighted by serving as APCO International President for 2012-13. Highlighting some of the other efforts he has been a part of are: In addition, he has been honored by receiving numerous awards and commendations in recognition of the work that has helped to advance the goals and objectives of both APCO and Public Safety Telecommunications. Among the awards were the Governors Award for Excellence 2006 and the APCO International Communications Director of the Year in 2006. He has also previously served in appointment capacity from the Governor of Virginia to the E-911 Wireless Services Board.
Currently, he manages a consolidated communications Center in York-Poquoson-Williamsburg. He is a sworn deputy and a member of the Virginia 1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team. A past member of Virginia 2 Urban Search & Rescue, he has had the honor of numerous deployments to hurricanes, including Katrina, Rita, and Gustav.
Terry has made a conscious decision to commit to the mission and goals of APCO and has been active as well as proactive within the organization to be part of creating and applying solutions rather than settling for the status quo. In believing that we can always strive to do better and to be better, Terry has exemplified the public safety professional through the presentation and enacting of new ideas and innovations within our industry not only to the benefit of individual organizations, but public safety as a whole.