photo of Albert Eric Albert (Director-at-large) is the Communications Coordinator for the Colonial Heights Emergency Communication Center. He began employment with Colonial Heights Fire & EMS as a Firefighter/EMT in August 2000. He obtained his Paramedic certification in December 2005. In 2003, he completed the Virginia Department of Fire Programs Fire Marshal academy with academic award for highest GPA and is currently one of several Assistant Fire Marshals in the department. He has gained much experience serving on the Crater Technical Rescue and Hazardous Materials Teams, as the department's Infection Control Officer, and as a Virginia Department of Fire Programs, DCJS and APCO Instructor. Eric was promoted to the rank of Fire Lieutenant in 2009, and accepted the responsibilities of the Fire Department's Training division. In 2011 he assumed supervision of the City's Emergency Communications Center where he manages a staff of 16 and in March 2016 was promoted to Acting Battalion Chief. During his term managing the Communication Center, he has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the center by placing a priority in updating equipment and training opportunities. In 2012 he implemented the APCO EMD program that included Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement and completed the necessary steps to be EMS accredited with the Virginia Office of EMS. He has implemented Text to 911 utilizing the Web Browser interface and currently working on large projects replacing the 800 MHz radio system and improving/implementing GIS in the city. As a manager that did not move up through the ranks of a dispatch center, he added to his education and knowledge by completing Basic Dispatch Training, VCIN level A, APCO EMD, APCO EMD Instructor and Manager to better understand the job and needs of the center, employees and the public. He has been very active in regional communication committees and has been an APCO member since 2011.